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Enter your name on this website to get money you didn’t know you had

Did you know that one in five Utahns have unclaimed money? David Damschen, the Utah State Treasurer, stopped by to tell us about MyCash.Utah.Gov, a website that helps people find and get money that’s owed to them.

More than $30K reunited with five charities by Unclaimed Property Division

If a bunch of people showed up at your front door with a comically-large check, you might think “big winnings.”

Conference hopes to help Utah women get 'in the money'

SALT LAKE CITY — Next week will mark the state’s inaugural effort to provide educational resources to women interested in learning about money matters in one place on one day.

Bills aim to fund big oil and gas transport projects without oversight by state board

The Utah Senate passed a bill Friday that would create a permanent funding stream for a seven-county consortium’s efforts to develop major projects for moving minerals extracted in eastern Utah to market.

Utah charter school 'pillaged' by fees after pursuing unusual path for financing

School board bond discussions are typically boring, but not when the person who handles all of Utah’s money drops a bomb.

Utah keeps its AAA bond status. Here’s why that matters

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah once again received a AAA bond rating by the S&P Global, Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch credit rating systems, the state reported last week — a feat that the Beehive State has kept since 1992. In fact, the state’s perfect bond rating reaches back to 1965, in the years before the Moody’s and Fitch systems were added to the ratings equation.

‘That’s hazardous for kids’: A Utah district will relocate its elementary school on a desert fairground after its first pick was too close to an ancient burial ground

The soil below Bluff Elementary is saturated with septic effluent. The classrooms don’t have enough space for the growing student body. And ceiling tiles sometimes come crashing down onto desks in the middle of lessons.

Utah's fiscal stability ranked No. 1 in nation

Utah has made its way to the top of another national ranking: U.S. News and World Report recently said there’s no better place for fiscal stability than the Beehive State.

Commentary: Utah and feds must resolve cannabis banking issue

Without clarity at the federal level, states that have legalized the drug are faced with an impossible scenario.

Association names Utah treasurer Policymaker of the Year

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Treasurer David Damschen this week received the 2017 Policymaker of the Year award from the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems.

State treasurer warns state takeover of UTA could damage Utah’s credit rating

Utah State Treasurer David Damschen warned legislators Wednesday that a full state takeover of the Utah Transit Authority could damage the state’s now-perfect credit rating, and hurt its ability to borrow for other needs.

Record $64M distributed to Utah schools from trust lands

SALT LAKE CITY — At Nibley Park School, an allocation of more than $44,000 from the Permanent State School Fund means students at the K-8 school have enhanced access to technology and the fine arts, said Principal Frances Battle.

Utah schools receive record $64M in trust land funding

Public schools got a lot more help than usual this year from the Permanent State School Fund, a roughly $2.3 billion investment portfolio supported by trust lands. 

State treasurer warns Utahns not to fall for unclaimed property scam

A fake website is inviting Utahns to enter their names to search for unclaimed property they might be entitled to and then trying to scam them into paying a monthly fee.

Is seven-county coalition squandering money earmarked for rural Utah?

Several mineral-rich eastern Utah counties banded together a few years ago to build costly commodity-moving projects needed by extractive industries to tap underground resources and get them to market.

Treasurer Damschen, Senator Hillyard, & Representative Snow applaud passage of SB175

Utah Treasurer David Damschen, Senator Lyle Hillyard (R – Logan), and Representative Lowry Snow (R – St. George) applauded the final passage of SB 175

Expanding small business access to retirement plans

Minutes after taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, President Trump declared that the era of “transferring power from Washington, D.C.” back to the states and to the American people had officially begun.

My view: Amendment B will make a big difference in Utah classrooms

In Utah, simple solutions for funding public education are hard to find. Robust enrollment growth in our schools presents a constant challenge to policymakers and taxpayers. 

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